Our content, developed in HTML5 is both device and desktop ready from a single delivery using our powerful, proprietary Gaming Framework. Sat behind our framework and at the very heart of our offering, beats our versatile Remote Gaming Server which allows not only reporting and administration tasks to be handled with ease but also delivers incredible promotional tools and game features to maximise performance and player experience. The very nature of our technology, ensures that almost every new game or feature we develop, contributes to the continuous evolution of our technical offering

  • Powerful server-based gaming platform
  • Seamless player wallet integration interface
  • System-to-System integrations via custom adapter modules
  • Central games management and monitoring
  • Free spins
  • Local and community jackpots (roadmap)
  • Promotional bonuses (roadmap)
  • Tournaments (roadmap)
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Game engine

With an easy to use interface, it provides many necessary features including game configuration, free play, bonuses, etc. Our reporting tool provides comprehensive reporting on player games, session, history, bets/wins, etc. Users can easily create the reports they need based on their own requirement such as player location, currency, time, games, etc.

  • Plug and play game engine development
  • Third parties implement engines without access to a larger system
  • Multiple RTP-s support
  • Complete set of simulation tooling for math model verification
  • Seamless linkage of any game engine to any game client
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Our products

Fu, Lu, Shou

Shou is the star of the south pole, domed forehead and carries a peach for immortality Lu is the star of prosperity, rank and influence carries baby Fu is the Wealth God Cai Shen carries a scroll

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Grannies Tea Party

Granny Smith and her cat get friends over for a proper tea party.

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Great Jewel

Create your own games. Deliver your concepts to us and we will add the maths and gameplay

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